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Be Safe and Courteous (Message From the Chief)

Just a small reminder to all motorists during the slippery winter road conditions.

  1. Drive SLOWER than normal on snow covered roads
  2. When your windshield wipers are on continuous or intermittent, your headlights need to be on..
  3. Please clean the snow and ice from your vehicle prior to driving.
  4. Replace old worn wiper blades, check washer fluids, tires, and other fluids in your vehicle.
  5. Be extra cautious when making turns or negotiating curves on the roadway.
  6. Be alert and watch out for other drivers, always.

Be safe, avoid motor vehicle accidents, and other problems on the roadway by just preparing properly. It’s easy to do and could save lives and keep you from getting a ticket.. Most of the things mentioned are covered by the PA. vehicle code and enforceable offenses.  Thank you. Feel free to contact the Police Department for any questions in reference to Motor Vehicle Safety!!

Chief Douglas Adams