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Bridgewater Council Members: Judy Burt, Frank Wilson, Kim Pavlinich, Jason Wells and Ryan Eichhorn                                   


Bridgewater Council Member - Judy Bert  

Judy Bert 

Council President, Chairwoman of Street Department

Have served as a council member for six years and previously served as council president prior to being re-elected in 202

Any special connections to Bridgewater? Lifelong resident of Bridgewater.  Many family connections to the borough including my father, uncles, husband & son who were members of the Bridgewater Fire Department. . Have served on the regatta committee for too many years to count.

What I like most about Bridgewater? Small town feel, if anything happens to a resident, help comes from our neighbors.  I just love this borough. 

 Kim Pavlinich


Serving as the chairwoman of the Police department

I have previously severed on the council where I held the positions of president and vice-president.  I also had the honor to hold the position of Mayor. I have severed on the planning and variance committees also.  I am also presently serving on the Civil Service Commission for Bridgewater

Any special connections to Bridgewater? I have lived in the boro  for over 37 years and have raised my children here

What do you like most about Bridgewater? Bridgewater is the quaint little area where everyone wants to live. Everyone knows everyone and will greet you when they see you. But with all of this, there is also room for advancement.

Frank Wilson

 Council Vice President, Chairman of Finance 

Serving on council since 2018

Special Connections to Bridgewater?A resident of Bridgewater, member of the county WIB(Workforce Investment Board)promoting job opportunities for 15 years. Works actively with Community Development Program of Beaver County

What do you like most about Bridgewater? Bridgewater provides a sense of community for all residents!

Jason Wells

Councilman, Chairman of Fire Department

Ryan Eichhorn

Councilman, Chairman of the Park & Recreation Department

Vickie Adams
Borough Secretary

Vickie has served in this position for the last 15 years and has served as a member of Beaver County Regatta Committee.

Special Connections to Bridgewater? My parents lived here when I was born.
What do you like most about Bridgewater? “It’s a safe community to live in and everybody is like family.”

Solicitor - Joe SprattJoseph Spratt 
Borough Solicitor

Joe has served as Borough Solicitor for last 20 of 22 years. Has served as BMA solicitor from 1990 to present. He also serves as Bridgewater Municipal Authority Solicitor.

Special Connections to Bridgewater? My wife and I believe in Bridgewater so much that we purchased our office building here in 2006.
What do you like most about Bridgewater? “My wife and I consider Bridgewater our second ‘hometown’ and we have developed many enduring friendships with the residents of Bridgewater we have met over the years.”

Tim Reddinger