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FAQs/Borough Information


Bridgewater Borough Building

199 Boundary Lane

Bridgwater PA 15009


Main Borough Phone: 724-774-7615

Police Dept: 724-775-0883

Fire Dept: 724-775-5970


Secretary: Vickie McDaniels

Police Cheif: Kevin Radford

Fire Chief: Chuck Bates

Mayor: Tim Reddinger

Solicitor: Joe Spratt

Code Enforcement: John Clay

Zoning Ordinance Officer:

Tax Collector: Pat Rains

Important Meeting Information:

Council Meetings

Workshop Meeting: 6:00 pm 1st Tuesday of the month held @ Bridgewater Borough Council Chambers

Workshop meetings are open to the public for an audience only.

Regular Council Meetings: 7:00 pm 3rd Tuesday of the month held @ Bridgewater Borough Council Chambers

Borough residents are encouraged to attend and present matters for council’s consideration to be addressed. 

Planning Commission Meetings 

Regular Meetings: 7:00 pm 1st Tuesday every month starting in January held @ Bridgewater Council Chambers

Public meetings open to any individual or party interested in various concerns regarding development, ordinances concerns, variance issues, assigned land usages, zoning or similar matters within the borough limits. All concerns are addressed by the commission and recommended actions are presented to council for further/final action.  

Special Planning Commission Meetings: In some cases due to various development projects or matters requiring immediate discussion special meetings can be called for by various parties. In the event such a meeting is needed, the party or entity wanting to present matters to the Bridgewater Planning Commission will notify the borough secretary no less then 3 days prior to desired meeting date. Please be aware that in order for a meeting to take place a quorum of at least 3 members of the planning commission must be available to attend. If a quorum is not available the matter will be scheduled for discussion at the regular monthly Bridgewater Planning Commission meeting.

Borough secretary can be contacted at 724-774-7615. 

Municipal Authority Meetings 

Municipal Authority Meetings: 7:00pm 2nd Wednesdays of the month @ Bridgewater Borough Council Chambers

Bridgwater Festival Committee Meetings

3rd Wednesdays of every month held at the Bridgewater Borough Council Chambers.